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Letting Perseverance Finish

Letting Perseverance Finish is a story about the unpredictable life of a young girl growing up in Detroit, Michigan in the 80s and 90s. She experiences abuse, trauma, and hardships by the hands of those who were supposed to love and protect her. After being placed into the foster care system, she fills the holes of loneliness and self-worth with self-destructive behaviors. Passing through adulthood, many times one step forward resulted in two steps back but she persevered. This is a story about hope, faith and forgiveness. It’s a declaration that your past doesn’t have to determine your future. 

What Reviewers are Saying 

Ozalle courageously takes us along with her through her painful life journey of torturous childhood abuse. The consequent impaired, self-abusive behaviors have caused her many heartbreaking  losses, intense guilt, and debilitating shame. Miraculously, Ozalle lives up to the title of her memoir, "Letting Perseverance Finish".  Her extraordinary strength, integrity and unwavering faith have transformed her life.  Her limitless success in her healing, growth, accomplishments and compassionate love have made her a gift to every life that she touches.


Carol Ann Ward, MS, LPC, NCC

Clinical Director

Associates in Psychotherapy, LLC

Janesville, WI

Being able to recall the many painful experiences of one’s life and share it with others, takes a tremendous amount of personal courage.  Ozalle begins her book with memories of childhood emotional and physical abuse by adults who were responsible for her protection and parental guidance. With all her personal setbacks, there were always a few helpful and motivating individuals to give her encouragement and inner peace to stay on a positive pathway of life. I am amazed at Ozalle’s ability to keep moving forward and forgive those who tried to destroy her will to exist.  Ozalle I salute “You” for redefining yourself and taking a stand against abusing children in our society.  Your story needed to be told and shared with the world.  

Manuel A. Wilson

Superintendent Emeritus

Inkster Public Schools

Inkster, MI

Ozalle Toms’ page-turning memoir is a clear-eyed and courageous look back at a life marked by loneliness, trauma, and institutional neglect. But it is also ultimately a story of hope and faith--of a woman who, despite one unimaginable obstacle after another, finds her way to healing and to herself.

--Greg Michie

Author of Holler If You Hear Me

ebook $9.99    Paperback $16.99

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